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How to solve the problem of loud computer case


1. Reduce resonance noise

To reduce hard drive noise, it is necessary to minimize resonance with the chassis. If you remove the hard drive from the chassis, you can find that the working noise will be very small when the hard drive is not connected to the chassis in any way. We can reduce the resonance of the hard disk and the chassis by adding rubber pads and other methods to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

First prepare four rubber pads about 1 mm thick and the size of a nail shell, and then use scissors to open the middle of the rubber pad, as long as the hard disk fixing screws can pass through. Next, install the hard disk on the hard disk tray of the chassis. At the same time, pay attention to insert the rubber pad between the hard disk tray and the hard disk, and align the opening with the fixing screw hole of the hard disk. Finally, pass the hard disk fixing screw through the rubber pad and tighten it. In addition, you can also use elastic rubber strips to make a suspension system, that is, use rubber strips to hang the hard disk under the hard disk bracket, which avoids the rigid connection between the hard disk and the bracket, and also avoids resonance noise.



2. Reduce reading and writing noise

To reduce the read and write noise of the hard disk, you can organize the hard disk on time to reduce file fragmentation. This can reduce the moving range of the magnetic head and also reduce the hard disk noise to a certain extent. In addition, you can install special hard disk mute tools, these hard disk tools can extend the hard disk seek time, thereby reducing the hard disk noise at the cost of reduced performance (about 1%). For example, Maxtor hard disk can use the sound management tool. When the tool is executed under pure DOS, the command parameter prompt as shown in Figure 12 will appear. The first parameter is Quiet mode (the quietest, but the hard disk performance is reduced more.); Second The item is Fast mode (it is quieter, and the performance of the hard disk is reduced to a certain extent.); The third item is to turn off the noise reduction function (the hard disk has the highest performance but the highest noise at this time); the fourth item is to check the current operating status of the hard disk noise reduction function.


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