Medical application

The appropriate medical power solution should be selected according to the electrical requirements of the terminal system, such as 2x MOPP isolation requirements, internal or external installation, low leakage current, multiple sets of output voltages to drive multiple subsystems, and so on. The medical power solutions provided cover 3~55VDC output voltage and 400 to 1200W rated power range. In the existing product line, both NMP and UMP series are suitable for BF-level medical systems, especially when equipment or instruments are in operation, often sensors are connected to the patient through wires, or the instrument is very close to the patient's body. Therefore, safe and reliable power solutions are indispensable. In addition, in various usage scenarios in the medical field, the configurable power supply fully meets the power requirements of many medical equipment such as diagnostic imaging systems, medical equipment, medical beauty equipment, biochemical and immune analysis, and electric auxiliary equipment.



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